Bundt Cake and Job

I've been a busy guy lately. Nothing too dramatic, but here's a run-down of recent events.

Saturday afternoon- MHS Open House exhibit. The Hobbled Wife has been very busy at work lately. Seems they are entering the blog world. See here post on the Bundt cake pan.

Sunday afternoon, M had cross-country ski lessons at Como Park Golf Course. That meant I had 90 minutes to kill. What better way to use 90 minutes than to ski myself. It would have been a beautiful day for a walk, but at 42 degrees and sunny, it was not the best day for skiing. I took a nasty spill on an icy downhill stretch, landing on my “bad” knee.

Now off to HOH to pick up M at choir-school. I usually arrive at 6:00 for dinner with the kids, then sit in the quiet, semi-dark sanctuary to listen to the last 30 minutes of rehearsal. Truly, the quietest time of my week. Lately, I’ve been picking up the “Good Book” in the pew - the only parent who does - actually it’s only a few mothers who knit and myself. Last week I was reading the Book of Job - poor bastard.


amy said…
What does a Minnesota kid need with X-country ski lessons? Thought it was just NATURAL from the day they could walk????

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