Just completed the busiest weekend of the year - perhaps the busiest weekend of my life. Some of it I experienced only vicariously, but I was a participant in most of it.

Friday night: The gals are off to a community theater production of the Nutcracker.

Saturday: 10:00 am - Dude and Dad to Destination ImagiNation, 11:00 - Dude to birthday party with 14 kindergarten age boys and 1 girl.

(In a parallel universe: 10:00 am - M and Mom off to Guthrie for a behind-the-scenes tour of The Christmas Carol, followed by lunch and the performance itself.)

The entire family regroups around 4:00 for a quick dinner before Mom and Dad are off to a holiday party with Mrs. Hobbled's work colleagues.

Side trip - During the birthday party, the Hobbled Runner did a little Christmas shopping. All he can say is that he is very proud of his purchase for Mrs. Hobbled. More than that I cannot add for she sometimes reads this thing.

Another side trip - slipped out for about 45 minutes of X-Country skiing at 4:30 - just as the sun was setting, and the temperatures slipped down into the single digits. Lots of fun, but the hills are kind of boring with M - no one can scream quite like her!

Sunday: M's church choir participates in the lessons in carols deal at both the 9:00 and 11:00 service. Since she had to arrive at church at 8:00 to prep, that meant the Hobbled Runner spent over 4 hours in a place of worship this weekend. That's got to count for something! Oh - - it was a beautiful service.

After lunch, more Christmas shopping for the Hobbled Runner - almost done now.

3:30 - 4:30: M's piano recital - three pieces, much applause.

5:00: Running entrance to the Children's Theater production of Disney's (yes - Disney's) Alladin. The Genie steals the show as he did in the movie - he was quite good - better than Robin Williams.

Monday morning rolls around and everyone out of bed early for carols around the tree before heading off to school and work with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.


amy said…
phew! I'm tired just reading about that weekend! Sounds like a fun weekend, though. I have been out XC skiing each morning for the past 3 mornings and it is lovely! I made the mistake and took Maggs with me yesterday...not the best skiing partner. She might be kind of fun down the hills, though. Maybe you can take her out when we are there next weekend!
Sue A said…
Phew is right! Bet you are glad to get back to work so you can get some rest!! :-)

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