Codeine Dreams

M was pretty out of it Monday, after 3+ hours of surgery for repairs and reconstruction on the bones surrounding her Eustachian tube. The Hobbled Wife and I agreed that it's really not worth posting all the amazing (and boring) details of the entire procedure. Suffice to say: Very early arrival at the hospital (5:30 a.m.), significant time "under" anesthesia, lots of work done on both ears, and very croggy kid in the many hours post-op.

The kid is a real trooper. When we went back to the recovery room, she was splayed out on the bed, wearing these "ear muffs" - plastic cups filled with gauze and Velcro-ed around her head. There was blood on the pillow case and sheets - - apparently her IV "plugged" so they had to remove that. Oh - and she was holding the little "barf-tray" under her chin. She was not a happy camper.

Finally checked out around 3:00 p.m. Home to the Dude who was off school Monday and had spent the entire day with his Boppa and Grand-Ma-Ma - - who had taught him piano (using M's books from her first year of lessons). She had placed a small piece of masking tape on the ten keys around middle C and and numbered them 1 - 5 (in each direction). He was very fascinated with the piano - - much more so than the violin which we pay a jillion dollars for! Perhaps Grand-Ma-Ma can give violin lessons as well.

This morning M was telling me how interesting some of her dreams were last night. Chalk that up to the Codeine laced Tylenol. It will do it every time.


George said…
That codeine has been known to make some folks sick to their stomach. Hopefully M won't have that issue. Sounds like quite a day.

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