We Made the Paper

Imagine our surprise when we saw the picture of the Dude's kindergarten concert at the Govt Center on page B1 of the Strib. [For reasons unknown the photo is not online - only in print?? - we will save copies for the relatives.]

It was a fun - and chilly day - downtown. Lots of crazy kids running around. Our manhole cover rubbing came off better than expected. The Cinderella display at Marshall-Fields impressed even the Hobbled Runner. The concert was a success - all 21 songs!

Took advantage of my free afternoon to locate all the Christmas decorations and start the great holiday project - decorating the house (tree anticipated to arrive Sunday). Everyone says it - and it sounds a bit corny - but is amazing to see Christmas through the eyes of a 5 and 8 year old. All the decorations are AMAZING!

Note: If I was a "real" blogger I would have brought my digital camera and blogged the downtown field trip. That will be my new years resolution for '06 - never leave home without the digital cam.


amy said…
Sounds like fun (if not a little crazy!)

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