Anti-Wal-Mart Campaigns?

I've never given muchthought to the various (are there more than one?) anti-Wal-Mart campaigns. BusinessPundit, on the other hand, has given it some thought and offers his vision of an anti-Wal-Mart campaign:

If I were running an anti-WalMart campaign (which will never happen), I would focus on the lack of selection. I would talk about how Wal-Mart's retail dominance minimizes consumer choice. Instead of telling people not to shop there because they pay low wages or put small stores out of business, I would make consumers feel like shopping there made their lives boring and mass-market. Clear Channel Radio suffered because the mass market approach to radio came to be viewed in a negative light. There was a movement that created new radio stations with the "one big company can't tell me what to listen to" attitude. Anti-Walmarters should adopt the "one big company can't tell me what to buy" attitude.

I believe I've been in a Wal-Mart two, maybe three times. They struck me as kind of dingy, a little junky. Of course, MN is the land where Target looms large. Comparing Wal-Mart to Target - no contest Target every time.


amy said…
They ARE junky and trashy.....and evil...just say NO to Walmart!!!!!!!!

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