Wait - Was that the Hobbled Runner?

Several people at last Wednesday's Turtle Races in Perham, Minnesota reported seeing a figure that looked remarkably like the famous blogger, the Hobbled Runner.

Though he tried to hide behind shades and a Padres cap, several locals became suspicious when he was heard to complain loudly, "Why can't you get a decent cup of cappuccino north of St. Cloud anymore?"

When a few blue-haired ladies pointed and screamed, our hero quickly dashed across the street into Bev's Book Nook.


Sue A said…
Ah, the price of fame. Good to know Bev's Book Nook is still a safe haven.
George said…
Here are a few good leads for a good cup of capuccino, courtesy of a coffee-loving co-worker. I think these would look great in the fancy new cabin:

amy said…
You'd think that the SD baseball hat would have thrown them off!!!

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