Cabin Adventures

Busy few days at the cabin. Some friends of ours stayed at a resort at a nearby lake, so their two kids were a great source of entertainment for the Hobbled children. Lots of fishing, swimming, turtle racing, and more.

New this time - a visit to Maplewood State Park. We've always been meaning to stop by - it's only about 20 minutes from the cabin, but this time we finally followed through. Took a short hike around a lake. Lots of laughs as the Hobbled Runner and Missy M came up with trail names for the gang. The Dude was dubbed, "He Who Leaps with Joy", as he set off quickly down the path, across a little prairie and into the woods.

Boppa (aka Jake) was named, "He Who Reads Maps", as he he stood for what seemed like an hour at the trailhead, trying to decipher the map we picked up at the park entrance. The man would not move until he had that map down cold.

The kids and I were well into the woods, resting on a tree when He Who Reads Maps finally caught up. Oh -- and he was quite satisfied with himself - since he knew where he was going, and from whence he came. [Remind me to tell you about the time Jake and I put together a swingset. No one had ever read the instructions that carefully - - not even the guy who wrote them.]

Other pics from the park include Maria's attempts to fend off boredom. The result: some surreal shots taken while skipping along the path, a few real cool shot of dead trees in water, and a deer track on gravel road.


Amy A said…
Love the names--I can just imagine Jake and the map. What were you and S? Best from Swad's sister!
Sue A said…
A MUCH needed laugh on a Monday morning! Thanks to the Hobbled Family for your creativity.
amy said… the pictures of the lake! Sure makes me want to take a swim in good old W. McDonald. Again, I must ask the powers that be.....WHY DID MY HUSBAND HAVE TO GET A JOB IN N. INDIANA.....even the river is BLAH. There must be a reason...there must be a reason????? Sure, just because I threatened retirement doesn't mean he had to drag me to this place in order to make retirement seem much more awful than actually getting up in the morning and going to work! Arg...can you tell I'm still experiencing a little culture shock here? Thanks for the nice pictures of MN!

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