Home Alone + 1

Hobbled Wife and Daughter are in Chicago - along with 4 or 5 other mom/daughter pairs at the American Girl "Thing". I don't quite understand it, and neither does M. She is not an American Girl girl - more of a Barbie and Polly Pocket kid.

Dude and I had a busy day yesterday: Roseville Library, Target (birthday presents), then home. Later that afternon, more errands, then Como Park (Conservatory and Zoo), and finally Joe's Crab Shack, where we met two other dad/son refugees of the American Girl weekend. We chose Joes' for the outdoor sandy play area. Highlights of Joe's: Dude successfully navigated the monkey bars, but himself - very exciting. Dad spilled beer on himself, wet shorts, underwear, leg and sandal. Nice! We took a shower together when we got home to rid ourselves of beer and sand.

Today, birthday bowling at noon, then dinner with neighbors tonight. I volunteered to bring the salad - the hostess had suggested bread (typical guy fare) or dessert (probably thought I could buy cookies at SA). She was a little surprised when I offerred up the salad. The only reason I do this is to score "husband points". (Psst - somebody tell the Hobbled wife when she returns.) That - and I feel a need for healthy food after Joe's Crab Shack (where I ate too many fries with my Macademia Mahi - damn good fish for a chain), and the anticipated birthday cake this afternoon.


amy said…
Wow! You and Bones sure have a busy social schedule when M and S are gone! Reminds me of the time H and S were in Greece and someone from church (back in the days when H and J went to church) invited me, John, dad over for dinner. John asked why they were inviting us over and Dad said "Because mom and S are out of town" and John said "why, don't they like Mom and S". ...ha ha...

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