Who Are These People?

Yesterday our home phone was deluged by calls from people who had received a call from “our phone” and, having caller ID, returned the call to see what was up. After some confusion it was determined that a telemarketer in Missouri with a similar, yet different number, was computer-dialing (my term there) people with some sort of offer. Dozens – probably close to one hundred called “back” to our home to see what was up.
Amazing – who calls back a telemarketing computer-generated call? Not too long ago everyone was up in arms about telemarketing calls and the various state and federal “no-call lists” were implemented to thunderous approval – or so I thought. Apparently there are a lot of gullible people out there who not only welcome telemarketers’ calls, but also go to the effort to contact them back after they missed the call.
I wonder what they were selling?


Sue A said…
For all my work in direct mail/telemarketing, I am amazed by how many people still send in checks by mail, return a phone call, send in a phony survey by a specific date via FedEx. Definitely restores my faith and makes me even more mad at those who take advantage of people's good nature.
George said…
Fortunately, they're not able to take advantage of my good nature!

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