Good News, Bad News

Got my blood tests back from the MD. The new doctor and I meet Tuesday to discuss in more detail, but here's the raw data.

Good news: TSH is 2.1, they recommend 0.3-5.0
Bad news: cholesterol was 222 (range <200)
HDL (good cholesterol): 48 (range >39)
LDL (bad cholesterol): 165 (range <130)
Triglycerides: 44 (range <150)


amy said…
Hmmm....Interesting with the cholesterol data. I would have thought your HDL would be higher with your exercise history and am surprised with the high LDL still?? But, on the lighter note your triglycerides are fabulously have me beat!!! So, it seems that your target would be to get that LDL down. I'll be interested to see what the Doc. wants to do. See if you can see a nutritionist (through the health plan). I wonder if she'll put you on a short course of meds?

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