Cholesterol - Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise - figures! The doctor and I agreed to pursue the pursue the diet and exercise route and re-check in 6 months (September). Doing a little research on the web, and found the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) site. Inserted height, weight, age, etc, into this and got this:
Based on the information you provided, the number of calories estimated for you to help you lower your blood cholesterol level is 2900.
Based on your estimated calorie level, your daily limit for saturated fat would be 29 grams and your daily limit for total fat would be 96 grams.

Not looking forward to counting calories, but here goes.

I developed a template in Word to use each day. Provide a little framework for recording the basics. Don’t want to become a fanatic. Since my diet doesn’t vary a great deal from day-to-day I hope to get a general idea of calorie and fat intake.


Anonymous said…
That is A LOT of calories to work with!!! I'm surprised they set the calorie goal so high....should be interesting to find out what your actual daily calorie intake is....I'm guessing it might be even less than that!!! I'm still rooting for you to follow a vegetarian diet for a month

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