OK - betting down to business. According to my calculations (from, here's how Wednesday went:

Calories: 2225 (goal 2900)
Fat: 58.5 (goal 96)
Sat. Fat: 13 (goal 29)

I didn't count the frozen peas (about two dozen), and the 1/4 of a red pepper sliced, that I sprinkled atop my spaghetti (Annies Whole Wheat), but that would be 0 on the fat and only a few more cals.

Got up early this AM, as usual. But unlike "usual" went out for walk/jog for 30 minutes. Very nice- low 30s and snowy. I won't go on about how the stillness of the fresh blanket of snow muffled my steps as I toured the neighborhood while friends and neighbors slumbered, etc. ...

Nice 1 mile+ walk at noon - - snow had given way to drizzle, sleet, wind - yuck!


amy said…
Nice job John! Remember that fat grams are converted to calories by multiplying by 9. sat. fat should be <7% of total and total fat should be <25-35%. Would be nice to get the rest of your family to walk with you, eh?

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