Damn Knee

Not sure where this is coming from, but my "knees" are back. Perhaps it's the two-walking/jogging sessions since last Thursday, but the knees never hurt during that exercise, only walking up and down stairs after.

Everything was OK until Friday afternoon. I was going up two flights of steps at work when my right knee just seized up. I was between floors so I had to go either up or down. I waited a few moments and proceeded up - very slowing, leaning heavily on the rail. Since then I've been taking the elevator.

Saturday night, M fell asleep on the way home from a friend's party. I carried her in the house and really felt my knee when ascending the stairs from the garage.

A co-worker (who has suffered many running injuries) thinks it's my cartilage. Whatever it is it sure hurts - now just sitting around. I iced it this morning, after aggravating it during sleep.

Great - I'm 43 years old, but have the knees of a 73 year old, not to mention the cholesterol to match.


amy said…
Did you ever have an MRI? This would be the only way to see if you have an old miniscal (?spelling) tear....this would mean that 'cleaning it out' would help. Also...you need to get the patellar band!!! Really helped me. Have you tried glucosamine or omega 3? OK....enough suggestions for you!
amy said…
ps. You need to take up swimming.....

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