Politics (for once)

One reason I read so many blogs is I enjoy the thoughtful political discussions you don't find in the MSM (main stream media). I usually don't link to political stuff, but here's an interesting piece discussing what the Left might do to regain power.

Still unable to accept that the right has dominated our national life for the last quarter-century, the left hasn’t done the hard, slow work of thinking through what it means to be progressive during an era of ultraglobalized capitalism in which the only successful Democratic president in the last 35 years, Bill Clinton, followed policies that even he compared to Dwight Eisenhower’s. Far from proposing bold new ideas that might seize the popular imagination, the left now plays the kind of small-ball that Dubya disdains. Even worse, it’s become the side that’s forever saying "No."

Credit: Instapundit.


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