Headache and Swimming Lessons

Missed work 2 days last week, but feeling pretty good today - I thought. Now I have a big headache - the kind that caffeine won't help. Oh well - perhaps chocolate?

Fun day yesterday - warm enough to make a snowman in the back yard with the Dude. Started the day off with a successful swimming lesson - the first ever! Finally. It seems so odd that he is resistant to swimming lessons. His older sister has always been a natural born fish.

Anyway it all "clicked" with the Dude on Sunday. Granted he was using a noodle under his arms, but he finally developed the confidence (or skill or ??) to kick off from the wall and paddle around. Of course, he didn't want to get out at the end of class.

Final note: Worked on M's Pinewood Derby car. Any hopes I had of actually building a respectable car - after years of childhood shame at having the lamest car in the Cub Scout Pack - have been dashed. At least she won't be one of those kids where it's obvious that he Dad did all the work - even though I did. I think I do a lot of things well, but working with tools and wood is not one of them.


amy said…
Ha! I know George made one of those in Cub Scouts...or did Jake make it? I don't remember. I bet it's still in the basement....

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