Fargin' Thryoid

Doctor's office called Friday with results of latest blood test. Thyroid still "off" - (don't recall the actual TSH level - the report is in the mail). Off course the cholesterol is still out of wack as well - 234 (173 for the "bad" stuff). In this day of managed care the "care" consisted of the nurse's call to S, the mailed results (which haven't arrived), and a phoned in prescription to Target where I went to pick up my new dosage - 100 mg of Levoxyl. I will probably seek a second opinion -if for no other reason that I hate to be on all this medication without a proper "sit down" meeting with an actual MD.


Sue A said…
I haven't seen my MD face to face in about a year - but continue to monitor my levels too. Now I'm on 100mg every other day, alternating with 125 mgs. This makes my heart rate about 180 on a slow jog. I'm starting to stabalize at 1.5 TSH - but not so psyched about the heart rate that comes along with that. I don't know when I'll actually see her to discuss this, so, I feel your pain.

Oh, and by the way, Otto had a thyroid test today. (He has a cholesterol deposit in his eye, which may be a sign of, you guessed it, hypothyroid.) We'll have results back tomorrow, so I'll be sure to let you know! Hang in there!

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