Up Early with an Old Dog

The sun rises early at the cabin, even on dreary days.  Duke and I were up early this morning - before 6:00.  When you wake up that early you have to find ways to occupy yourselves - like posing for pictures with little trolls.

Duke was not amused - but he put up with it anyway.

We arrived at the cabin late afternoon.  We didn't leave town until 1:00 or so - as John had rehearsal for Hairspray and Maria had to be dropped at a friend's for a weekend of camping at Whitewater State Park.  It's the second Memorial Day that Maria has not joined the rest of us at West McDonald.

What's on the agenda for this weekend?  Perhaps some mowing at the farm, or here by the cabin.

What's NOT on the agenda?   Putting in the dock.  The water is very cold (I'm guessing) since the ice didn't come out until Mother's Day weekend (aka Fishing Opener).  We have no waders here at the cabin - never have, and maybe never will.  Waders are for sissies.  Who needs waders anyway - the lake is swimmable 3 maybe 4 months out the year anyway.  What possible use for waders would anyone have.  But enough about waders.  I'm too old to stand in frigid water in a swim suit (and besides I left the swim suit at home).

Wish me luck on the dock.  Last night, over beers, a wise old man of the lake was telling me putting in the dock wouldn't be so bad, since it's just a matter of getting used to the cold - and we wouldn't be in very long anyway.  Hmmmm


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