Home with a Sick Dog

Woke up at 3:45 am.  Something was wrong; it was too quiet.  Duke was not in his accustomed place in the bathroom.  I located him downstairs on the couch - how cute.  But look, he had pooped by the back door - not so cute.

Those who know Duke are probably amazed that he hadn't "cleaned up" the poop himself - an old trick of his.  So I should probably be grateful - and I guess I was.

Anyway, clean up family room and on the couch myself for another 2 fitful hours of sleep.

Shortly after breakfast, Duke vomited up a rather large amount of food.  Two hours later, more.  Add to that some rapid evacuation from the other end and you get an idea of what my day has been like.

Luckily most of my job can be done via email and conference calls, so I've kept busy here at home between clean-ups and quick trips outside with Duke.


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