Still Hobbled After All These Years

It’s been a while – but I was recently reminded – again – why I call this blog “The Hobbled Runner”.  

One week ago today, I tempted the running fates.  Not content to confine my “running” to once a week runs on Saturday or Sunday, I set out after work for a (very) short run.  About one mile into what might have been a 3 mile run; I noticed my right calf/Achilles area tightening hp.  I stopped to stretch against a utility pole.  After some cautious stretching, I realized the run was done.   The calf was too tight; I’d have to walk home.  It wasn’t a pleasant walk home.  If any drivers were home at the Hobbled household, I would have called for a ride.  As it was I hobbled (literally) a little over a mile home.  

Treatment was proceeding well, ice (and later heat), resting, and elevation (time on the couch), then on Saturday afternoon, Patches the cat entered the picture. 

I was outside with Duke and Patches enjoying the sun and a little yard work.  Patches is the only cat we allow outside relatively unsupervised – but I saw her make a dash around the house chasing something.  Fearing I don’t know what (maybe she was going after one of the neighbor’s chickens which often are allowed to roam free) I sprinted off after Patches.  When executing a sharp turn, I came up lame, hopping on my one good leg fearing my Achilles was going to snap and roll up like you see on those horrible sports outtake videos.  Thankfully nothing snapped or popped – but it hurt a hell of a lot more than it did before the cat took off.

Fast forward to yesterday:  the calf was very stiff and still hurt.  I had compensated so much for the calf injury that my right knee hurts the muscles of that leg were tired, and my lower back hurt.  So off to the doctor I went.  She prescribed a muscle relaxer (haven’t taken one yet), and some PT.  I can’t get into the PT until May 28.  The delay of the PT, and the very act of seeking medical help have activated the placebo effect and today my calf doesn’t hurt so bad. 

Today I went for a walk at noon – a little slower than usual – but no real pain.

We will wait and see – and not run.


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