Tuck Your Shirt In!

We've recently relaxed the dress code here at work.  Jeans are acceptable any day - unless you have customer meetings.

Now don't get me wrong, jeans are a nice option.  Some days you just don't feel like going through all the effort that getting ready for work requires.  On those days, it's nice to throw on a pair of jeans.

While I will wear jeans, I draw the line on NOT tucking in my shirt. Just this morning I ran into a guy who "outranks" me - the kind of guy that actually has an office with a door that closes.  He was in jeans and his dress shirt was un-tucked.   Big sigh - where did we go wrong?

Oh well, whenever I despair the state of the dress code around here, I turn to this little scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm - Ed Asner meets an attorney on Casual Friday.


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