Seven Minutes - and then some

At the suggestion of my brother-in-law, I tried the "Scientific 7-Minute Workout" yesterday.  Of course, tough guy that I am, 7 minutes didn't sound like enough - despite the science behind it - so I did it twice.  It got the heart beating and in the end it felt like I had really worked a "number" of muscles - how's that for a non-scientific take on the effort I exerted?  The killer for me - the side plank at the end of the routine.  I just couldn't figure out how to balance.  Do I put one leg on top of the other - or "cheat" by having both feet touch the ground?

This morning I woke up stiff in spots - mostly below the belt.  I don't "work out" a lot, and what I do is mostly upper body stuff.  I enjoy my push-ups (any where, any time), and pull-ups on the bars at the local park - or our own Rainbow Play System in the back yard.  The only lower-body work I do is walking and the occasional hobbled run.  My legs are stiff and sore (in a good way) in a number of places.  For what its' worth,  my Achilles feels pretty good and my knee is fine.  At this rate I'll have healed myself before I can even get in to see the PT - on May 28.


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