Running in Style

Thursday I purchased my first pair of running shoes in 6 or 7 years, along with some new running shorts.  It’s been 20 years since I’ve purchased new running shorts.  With any luck, I’ll wear this pair until I’m 70.

The shoes are of the “new” minimalist style.  They are like the shoes I used when I first started running – they offer less padding and less support than the clunky ones we’ve been using for 30 years now – but a great deal lighter.  I knew the shoes would feel different – just didn’t realize the colors of shoes are so crazy these days.  Currently all shoes – whether they are the new minimalist shoes – or the old strong and sturdy variety – are the most vivid, fluorescent colors.  My Brooks PureConnect turned out to have only subtle hints of fluorescent lime green along with more neutral silver.  I might be able to wear them somewhere besides running.   That will be good as I’m really not back into running in a big way.  

My goal is to double my mileage; I will now run twice a week, rather than once a week.  Yes, I’m aware the experts advise increasing mileage by only 10% a week, but when you run as little as I do, I think the 100% increase in mileage will work.  Besides I have quite a “base” of miles under my belt.  I walk a great deal and I’ve found that a 2 to 3 mile run/walk is easy since I’m in good enough shape from all the walking.


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