Relief in Sight

Ahh - this is nice.  It's not my usual view at 7:00 a.m.  I'm taking the day off - at the cabin.  Most days at this time I'm in the middle of what I call "Breakfast with Bangalore", our daily 6:30 or 7:00 am Webex conference calls.  We like to say that our business "follows the sun" which is a less imperialistic way of saying, "The sun never sets on the [insert large multinational company name here] empire". 

I flew in from Boston on Tuesday and went directly to the office for a meeting I hosted. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were odd - both kids were gone!  Maria in Indiana with the cousins, and John at the cabin with the in-laws.  We actually watched a movie on Wednesday night - just the two of us.  That's something we probably haven't done in years - seriously, we (or at least I) seldom sit still.

Yesterday I retrieved Maria at the airport.  We collected one of her friends and began the journey to the cabin.  It was a fun trip, with the girls in the backseat blasting their music.  They were singing and bouncing to such a degree that the car rocked at times, causing passing drivers to stare and smile - probably thanking their lucky stars that they were not in the car with us.

John was happy to see us.  He had been baking and met us in the backyard with warm chocolate chip cookies on a platter!  The girls were thrilled.  He is so happy to have companionship under the age of 70 !!  Lucky I brought Maria and a friend - as I alone would probably not have sufficed.


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