Driving My Dad

Fourth of July week at the cabin - as usual - though the kids and I drove back Monday for two nights of Fiddler rehearsals. 

The big news around these parts:  Maria is driving!  She has her permit now and is taking advantage of the relatively congestion free roads in the greater Vergas, MN metropolitan area to hone her skills. 

Thank goodness for Grandma-ma's automatic transmission (both cars in the Hobbled fleet are manual transmission).  We've spent most of the time in the Honda Element (aka "the Opera Buggy").  Yesterday was our first attempt at Dad's manual transmission.  I think it went relatively well - but M might disagree. What we need is a wide open space to practice the clutching/shifting where you don't even have to think about steering (much).  Where's the old Met Center/Met Stadium parking lot when you need it?  I bet most every Richfield and Bloomington kid of a certain age learned to drive there.


pterodactyl said…
No doubt about the Met Sports Center parking lot. Can't forget the winter time fishtails in fresh snow & ice!
Terry Ellingson

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