Too Big?

Can a monitor ever be too big? The answer for me is, "Yes".

Our department admin was so proud that she scored these nice new monitors for everyone. I'm less excited. With my glasses (progressive lens bifocals) I find I have to turn my head from side to side, and up and down, to take it all in. I've gone to using my laptop open on my desk. The small screen is best for viewing everything at once, and it's low enough and can be angled "just right" so my bifocals work great.

I still have a tuck-under keyboard - but it's screwed to the "wrong" spot since I don't use that cool, new, BIG monitor. Instead I just tap away on my laptop and use the big screen when someone stops by and I want to show them something - or like today (the other 95% of the time) when it's a great venue to showcase my desktop background. That's a photo snapped Tuesday morning while walking Duke.


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