Getting Better - Thanks to Caribou

Things are looking up - with my free coffee our in-house Caribou. Hmm - The note says I should call a radio station and tell them how this gift made me feel. Won't go that far - thanks anonymous benefactor and/or KTIS. For the record, I felt "good" - which might not sound like much, but given my day up to that point, that's not bad.

For a warm, almost summery Friday it's been a very frustrating day – though I did make it to 9:19 AM before sending my first crabby email. It's amazing I made it that long.

I’m trying to accomplish one big thing that MUST BE DONE all the while answering questions about our products from what seems like every sales person out there. Here's a hint to those who want my attention - Microsoft Outlook's Red Exclamation Point of High Importance does not help. Once everyone starts using them - it's like working in a bell factory - you can't hear the ringing anymore.

Ahh - the power of coffee - especially FREE coffee!


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