New Year - Old Tasks

Found this to-do list in the pocket of a coat I don't wear very often. It's an old "barn coat" purchased in the mid-1980s at Dayton's. In the pocket was this old to-do list. It could be from last year, but I also found an old receipt - for the purchase of donuts and pumpkins at Rainbow dated October 24, 2009. So maybe the to-do list is 2 years old.

Despite the passing of a year - or two - the tasks remain almost the same as those we accomplished (or failed to do) last weekend. Both the Dude and I got haircuts. We also went to the library to pick up a book on hold.

The list also has some things I still need to work on: We still haven't purchased pumpkins and our Anniversary is tomorrow (17 years) and I still haven't bought a gift!


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