Dear Santa: Send White Shirt

I apologize for the blurry shot - that's me flabbergasted by the Christmas decorations at Macy's in Rosedale. Macy's was our third stop in the elusive search for the white dress shirt.

The Dude and I set out after noon today in search of the white dress shirt - straight collar (not button-down). He needs it for "opera choir" as we call it around the Hobbled Household - more officially Ragazzi, part of Project Opera. (Both he and Maria are in "Opera Choir" - M being in Giovani for the older kids.)

First stop Kohl's which had plenty of button-downs but no straight collars. From there we ventured over to the Mall. We had hoped to avoid Rosedale but since Kohl's didn't come through, it was off the the Mall.

Penney's - Nope; Macy's - No; Herbergers - Yes, but none in his size. Home to order online which is what we should have done in the first place.

Other weekend accomplishments include 7 loads of laundry, yard work (mowing, etc), cleaning the bathrooms, cooking a great ham on Saturday, and ham soup with the left-overs tonight.

Engaged in some parent-powered-publicity for Urinetown. I drafted a "news" story for the local press, The Roseville Review, and the Patch. Shana is interviewing the Director tomorrow morning before work hoping for some quotes to round out the article, another partent is providing a few pictures. After all that work, let's hope they print it.

This morning I did a short run - continuing a recently established tradition of the once-a-week run. It's amazing that it works. I think all my walking during the week helps provide something of a "base" for my weekly 2+ mile run. It's fun, I (sort of) wish I could run more, but once-a-week works for me.


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