Move Along Now, Nothing to See Here

OK - I’m feeling better. When I last posted, I was probably suffering from a combination of disappointing health news, very bad head cold, and end-of-the-week exhaustion.

I think I’ll cease with the navel-gazing posts about my personal health for a while.
But if navel-gazing is off the table, what will I blog about then? Both kids are beyond saying “cute” things – and they can read the blog anyway.

I was out for a quick walk at noon – Oh – and 25 push-ups. There were lots of folks on the walking path, but I was able to sneak those in without discovery. It was sunny but only 18 degrees out. Come on – it’s mid March. I expect another snow storm or two, but enough with the January temperatures.

Special bonus points - my 4:30 conference call cancelled at 4:25.


I've actually followed your lead and have begun to try and squeeze in some push-ups during my walks.

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