Crabby Birthday to Me

Disclaimer: I’m not fishing around for sympathy with this post. This is merely an attempt to blow off steam. When you wake up mad, that’s never a good sign.

I’m still digesting the news from my physical exam yesterday. The damn cholesterol is up – again – after it seemed in control.

I reproduce the numbers below for those medical professionals who read the blog - mainly the various in-laws:

Total Cholesterol = 273 (last year 193)
HDL = 76 (last year 60)
LDL = 185 (last year 123) The “bad” cholesterol
Triglycerides = 59 (last year 50)

I guess I’ve slipped a bit in my eating habits – reintroducing the occasional bag of chips at lunch, along with a bit of dessert after dinner, usually something with chocolate or cookies (home-made only). Beyond that, nothing much has changed. I challenge you to find another 49 year old suburban guy who eats more damn vegetables than I do.

Oh well, we check again in 6 months. If it’s not down she will prescribe a Statin – which I would probably refuse. Even the doc says she doesn’t like the side effects of Statins which is why she is avoiding prescribing one now.

In addition to the cholesterol, the doc referred me out to an ENT to dig a little deeper into my Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) which has gotten worse in the past year. I now have trouble hearing the kids when they talk to me from across the room – if there are other background noises present.

And – this is my last complaint I swear – my thyroid appears enlarged so I’m going to have an ultrasound. I’ve been on thyroid meds to deal with my hypothyroid (low thyroid production) for several years now. Those levels were great – so the medication is working fine – but it appears my thyroid may be enlarged. Even I can feel it now that the Doc pointed it out.

Other than that I’m exhausted from the head cold I’ve fought all week. Work is a zoo, and it’s snowed again last night, it’s windy and cold. Happy birthday to me.


amy said…
Ugh...sorry John. BUT...your HDL levels are I would not worry about the LDL. The higher LDL offset by the HDL, wouldn't worry about it.

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