Buy Me Crickets!

Patches is always a little onery. She meows at us humans, and hisses at Duke anytime he comes within 3 feet of her. Come to think of it - she doesn't even get along that well with the 2 other cats, Reggie and Roscoe. Maybe it's feline stress?

I might just try this, at least for the entertainment value,

Living indoors, the cat’s catness had been stifled. Chasing feather toys and getting loaded on catnip only worked for so long. Eventually, the urge to kill became too much to ignore. This conflict between essential cat nature and artificial environment caused tons of stress. Now, my friend briefly considered making him an outside cat, which would give him access to wildlife and adventure, but that comes with its own set of risks, especially in high-traffic West Los Angeles. He didn’t want a dead cat. What if he brought the prey to him?

A quick trip to the pet store and three dollars later, my friend had several dozen large live crickets in a box. Crickets are agile, crunchy, inexpensive, not nearly as messy as rodents, and packed with protein and minerals, making them attractive prey for a bored house cat. He figured setting a couple loose and letting his cat have a go at them would make up for the hunting deficit and possibly reduce stress.

Source, Mark's Daily Apple.


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