Home Again

[Back on the walking path - where the temp had not even risen above 20 at noon. But the sun! That's a spring-time sun out there.]
294 emails – where to start?

Unlike some, I don’t approach this with any real methodical plan. It’s usually hit and miss, cherry picking out ones from key people, grabbing the newest ones, maybe going back to Monday morning and trying to start at the beginning, only to be distracted by incoming emails. In the end, most will get answered. Some will be missed. Were some of the missed emails important? Likely, but most will turn out to have been unimportant or related to some “fire drill” of the moment, long since extinguished.

Perhaps email programs should have this selection: “Click here if you want to delete this email from the inbox of any recipient who is out for more than 3 days”.

A few pictures from the trip:

After Monday's balmy hike in Gooseberry Falls, winter hit us head on Tuesday. We were probably the only crazy people hiking through the woods at Cascade River State Park Tuesday with temperatures in the mid 20s, flurries, and winds coming off the lake - gusting easily to 30 MPH.

With so few others in the park, the deer thought they had the run of the place. We encountered deer galore, and bald eagles soaring overheard. It was a very nice hike - even if the Dude had to stop at every set of tracks, pull out his Animal Tracks of MN and WI book, and try to determine which creature left the tracks. The thaw and sudden re-freeze left some very nice tracks.

After the hike we hit the indoor swimming pool at Blue Fin, then it was off to dinner. The Dude was not that keen on fine dining so I let him bring his iPod and wear his ear buds to ward off boredom.

[My dining companion.]


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