Drop and Give Me 10

True Confession: I do push-ups on the walking path. I know – not a big deal really – Some employees don running clothes and do laps during the lunch hour (there is a “secret” shower room in the basement of World Headquarters.) Still, I live in fear of someone rounding the corner and catching me pumping away.

When I first started here, a colleague was known for doing push-ups in his cube. It was a phone job so you needed to stay put and I think push-ups preventing him going stir crazy. That guy was considered eccentric – at best. So from the beginning I got the message, cubes are for sitting and slumping in front of a computer – not for push-ups.

Still what’s the big deal? Out on the walking path I’m demonstrating the fact that I desire fresh air and exercise; a few push-ups should be no big deal.

Today I did 3 sets of 12, and some stretches. What a geek!

Maybe if I ask nicely the Facilities folks would install some chin-up bars?


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