Where's That Old Family Recipe for Turtle Soup?

This is an interesting story – and it brought back a nice (though somewhat creepy) childhood memory.

This rabbit was wild, grass-fed, and presumably antibiotic- and artificial hormone-free. Except for the car that had hit it, no food miles had been accrued delivering it to us. So why not bring it home for dinner?

The story is complete with recipe and pictures (look out!).

Now for the personal angle:

My maternal grandmother was known for picking up road-kill and bringing it home for dinner. The story I remember most vividly involved a turtle. As a small child, upon first hearing of turtle soup – which sounded so exotic (and gross) – I remember asking my mom, “Was such a thing possible?”

“Oh sure,” she replied. “My mother used to always pick up turtles on the road to take home for turtle soup.”

Now that I think back on the story, I believe Grandma stopped for turtles – dead or alive.

No story is complete without a Google search. Just for kicks – I bet this is the only reference to Grandma online – Julia Olson Nordeen Senear.

[Do a Find (CTRL-F) for Senear, she is the third one:
SENEAR Julia In Nordeen lot. Julia Nordeen Senear, 1886-1969]


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