An Urbane Researcher?

The departure of colleagues sometimes presents the opportunity to inherit stuff they deem too important to throw away, but not important enough to take with them.

The kitchen/vending area near my cube has become the place for departing employees to deposit these “valuables”. Lately I’ve seen a number of old promotional items like pens and mugs, 3-ring binders and books, and last week I spotted a half-eaten box of Triscuits.

I seldom take anything from the pile. I don’t need any more stuff and it feels a bit like grave-robbing. But this week a few items caught my attention. The person “moving on” must have been with the company for some time. I found:

• Two coffee mugs promoting “old” products.

• A three ring binder for a product I’d never heard of – and it’s one of those cloth bound three ring binders – one of the “good ones” in my opinion. Found it.

• And these two old books: The Lawyer’s Guide to Online Data Bases (1987) – I liked that two word approach: data – bases; and, The Modern Researcher (first published in 1957 – but this is the first paperback edition, 1962 – year of my birth).

The Modern Researcher claims to be, “An instructive and urbane manual on how to gather . . .” The fact that it was “urbane” sold me.


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