Found: The Urbane Researcher?

I think I’ve located the one-time owner of The Modern Researcher. Scrawled out old name and wrote – in green pen – Bill Lindberg.

I Googled it – second search was the one, bill lindberg west publishing:

After leaving the active practice of law and becoming a full time coach in 1998, Bill worked in a variety of senior managerial positions at west publishing, one of the premier legal publishing companies in the country. As the National Manager for Market Relations, Bill worked closely with key individuals in corporate, government, and private law firms as well as in law schools and libraries. Bill also developed and delivered educational programs and hired and managed a staff of lawyers and paralegals. Source

He hasn’t been at West for some time so I suspect he left the book behind when HE left.

Bill is associated with a management consultant group – still no doubt an urbane researcher.

Wait – it gets better. Here’s a clip from the ABA Journal (1987). Looks like lots of fun at the AALL convention.


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