OK That was Anti-Climatic

The much awaited visit to the Orthopedic Doc was almost a let-down. After two weeks of a sore, stiff back – limited movement, trouble sleeping, and so on – I expected to walk out of there with a cool brace or something. Instead, we will take the do nothing approach.

The effected vertebrae are held in place by the rib cage so I won’t need to brace them. While viewing the MRI pics, he offered an odd compliment. He said my spine and neck looked good “for my age”. Thanks!

Then, probably just to point out how boring my life actually is – he told me that I was forbidden to engage in contact sports, skiing, snowmobiling, and the like for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I should also take it easy and avoid lifting heavy objects. Jeez, that sounds like my life before the injury!

Alas - no restrictions on "stand-up" meetings.


amy said…
don't you love it...he got payed a lot of money to tell you all that. Thankful it wasn't something more

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