Ice - Damn!

Shana - always vigilant - heard some dripping last night. She discovered it was coming from the furnace air intake. We removed the vent and could see water dripping down between the walls.

Damn - the ice dam on our roof was causing water to back up under our shingles and now it was dripping down inside the house.

Who would have thought that a contractor could come out today - less than 24 hours - and remove the ice dam on the roof that was causing the water to back up? And this is apparently one of the worst years for ice dams in these parts.

Interesting report from the workers - Worst dam they'd seen so far this winter!!! Don't know why that makes me feel good - probably because I don't like spending money to fix a problem that is not serious. Well, it is/was.

Oh - in addition to the damn ice dams did I mention that Duke had just pooped in the front hall - Diarrhea from eating chicken "stuff" earlier in the day.

Duke was temporarily "lost" yesterday afternoon. Turns out he was just hoovering up around the neighbors' chicken coop. He isn't so much interested in the chickens as what gets kicked outside the coop.


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