Back Update - Again

The bad news is that it’s snowing again. The good news is that Shana won’t let me shovel.

My doctor called again last night. Pessimists might say that it’s never a good sign when your doctor calls you at home on a Saturday night. Me, I’m an optimist, and I’ll just chalk it up to her incredible commitment to her patients.

She had the MRI results from Wednesday. The radiologist had confirmed the compression fracture at T4, and actually reported that T3 showed signs of a fracture as well, though good old T4 took the brunt of it. It also appears that I have some bone swelling in that area.

The MRI showed some abnormalities with my cerebral spinal fluid – I have an excess, or its pressure was higher or something. This is caused by an anachroid cyst located in the lower back of my head. The thinking is that I’ve had this cyst all my life – probably since fetus-hood. It hasn’t caused trouble thus far so it’s assumed to be quite benign. As Wikipedia says, they can be relatively asymptomatic or present with insidious symptoms. Still – cyst and brain in the same sentence – even the same paragraph makes one stop and take notice. Apparently, it’s just one of many things that show up in MRIs – surprise! My doctor is recommended doing nothing. That seems reasonable.

The back is sore today – well not really sore – just tired. I’ve been going to bed early – just exhausted. Last night I fell asleep while the Dude was reading to ME!

Tomorrow morning I meet with the orthopedic doctor – more updates to follow.


Suefunky said…
And good luck to YOU too! I imagine you are exhausted - hang in there!

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