Dog Tired

Shana snapped Duke this morning after a walk around Como Lake. It sort of captures how I feel after this busy week.

M is burning the candle at both ends as she practices with the cast of La boheme. It feels weird that I have no idea what she is doing, and how it will turn out. Unlike school plays and community theater, the Minnesota Opera does not need a lot of assistance from parent-volunteers. They pay people to make costumes and paint sets. Dress rehearsal is next Friday and Shana and I will be there. The "Opening Night" is Saturday, March 6. As I've probably said before, they divide the kids into two groups so they only perform 1/2 the shows.

The Dude wrapped up speed skating which was fine with everyone. His interest in the sport has waned after two years. Thanks to the Olympics, he is now obsessed with snow-boarding and down-hill skiing - two sports he has not tried - yet.

Work for me is crazy busy. Up to this point, I've never much sympathized with Dilbert and his ilk. Somehow I've avoided lots of meetings. It seems that up to now, my projects required few meetings and when we did meet, we generally needed to meet and actually got stuff done.

Now I'm often in meetings all day. With Agile Development we are always running off to some "stand-up" or another - it's all about the process - and the process is about meetings. We are constantly Pre-Planning and Planning for the next Iteration. If not planning we are holding "Retros" where we talk about what we did. It seems there is seldom any time to actually do the work we planned.

Like I said, I've avoided most of this until now - and it's coming down on me with a vengance.


amy said… fun
julienj said…
One of T's friends asked him if he wanted to be his partner in 2-man bobsled. T is very excited to start. Too bad the only bobsled runs in the US are at Lake Placid and Salt Lake City...
CFSF2010 said…
Love your dog Duke. Would you mind if I posted his picture on my newly created website? Feel free to check it out and comment.

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