State Fair Report

[That's a Snickers under that fried dough and powdered sugar. M only ate 1/4 before even she gave up and tossed it.]

With Shana and the Dude are at the cabin, M and I took a short visit to the State Fair on this the opening day. It's so easy when you live only a mile away. It's a shame we don't go every day (OK - that might be too much).

[M glued to the back of my favorite, the Tilt-a-Whirl.]

Nice evening. Not too crowded. We started things off with the Space Needle, followed by the Giant Slide. We enjoyed the Tilt-a-Whirl (pic), before we tackled the real rides. M got me on two rides on the Midway - the Crazy Mouse (eyes closed and screaming for 90% of the ride) and the old classic, the Scrambler. For the past few years I've successfully avoided the Midway, confining my riding adventures to the Kidway where the rides are aimed at a much younger crowd.

[The view from the top of the Giant Slide.]

In addition to the Candy Bar on a Stick (above), we sampled cotton candy, Martha's Cookies, ice cream, and a fish taco (just me on that one).


amy said…
oh wow. The slide looks awesome. Did you do that before or after the food?
John G. said…
All rides took place before any food or drink - both M and I thought this was the best plan.

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