A Crack in the Wall and the Phantom Track

As I walk the dog past the Fairview Community Center each day (sometimes several times a day), I keep thinking I should snap a photo of “the crack” in the old 1959 tile wall. It’s growing and wouldn’t it be cool to document the deepening chasm? I was pretty sure I had taken a photo earlier (yes, I had), but I had edited out the crack so we can’t do a, “That was then, this is now” comparison.

Oh well – there it is. A crack in the wall.

Item number 2: The phantom track. The first time I realized that that I was walking over an old track back of the Community Center, I flashed back to Richfield East Junior High. (It’s now an “intermediate” school – a promotion from “junior” status – possibly?)

Constructed at the same time as the Community Center (which was a Junior High in its previous life), my old Jr. High had a similar track behind the school. It was a short (possibly less than 100 yards) straight-away of cinders. We used it for gym (Phy. Ed.) class. This picture doesn’t do it justice. Under certain lighting conditions the track almost “jumps” out at you. When you get down close you can see the old cinders still peaking out under the grass. The track also has wooden edging – which is not readily apparent in these photos.


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