The Perks of Office

One of the small rewards of serving on the Planning Commission - which by the way is a voluntary post - is the chance to eat candy and steal pens during the meetings.

The Planning Commission meets in the City Council chambers. To the right of each Commission (and Council) members' seat is a small drawer. Inside you will find, a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, a small package of Kleenex, and a whole bunch of pens and candy. Last night, my drawer held only Brach's red/white peppermint candy. Sometimes I get individually wrapped Wint-o-Green LifeSavers. On a good night - both!

Ahh - the joys of public service.


julienj said…
Mmm, Wint-o-green Lifesavers. They always make me think of the pool when I was a kid - it was my candy of choice from the vending machine.

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