Ring Dammit!

Last night, I was at dinner with a dear friend of mine. Talked turned to work. Now that we reached “that age” we are able to recall the "good old days" (1980s) of life at the office. We talked of changes in the work place around technology. What sort of expectations does your workplace have? BlackBerry? Laptops at home? 24 X 7 expectations of access? Does it make us more productive?

Coming to no particular conclusion, the conversation turned to the lonely telephone – the landline type. My friend thinks she had 2 phone calls this week (Monday – Thursday). I reported only one?

I still use the phone. In fact, I’ve had number of conference calls this week, but only one incoming call this week.

How many incoming phone calls have you had this week?

Maybe they should install one landline for each area of cubes - we could take turns answering it? ("If it's Bob from Marketing, tell him I'm too busy to come to the phone.")


Update: Immediately after posting this, my phone rang. It was my VP calling. Make that 2 incoming calls for me this week.


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