Whew! - - Busy Week

[The Dude resting after a difficult dance number.]

I’m beat after 4 nights of practice but really enjoying my first theater experience. It’s a blast to sing with “real” talented singers and realize that you are not half-bad. The dancing has proven more challenging, but it’s fun when I can get the steps right. It’s a great environment. You are free to sing and move, and make a fool out of yourself, and no one gives you any grief. As long as you give it your best try, that seems to be OK. Even the kids seem to be letting go and trying to push the boundaries, moving out of their comfort zones – though I suspect there is more going on in the adolescent brains than I’ll ever know.

The Dude is very pooped – and needs the three day rest. Last night he hit the wall. 4 nights of practice is a lot to ask of a 47 year old – not to mention a 9 year old. M is tired as well – but she is still going strong. This sort of activity energizes her.

We have a busy weekend ahead culminating in M’s 12th birthday on Sunday. She has decided not to have a party with friends because few if any of her friends get along. M’s group of friends cross several sub-groups of 6th (now 7th) grade girls. She’s afraid that if she were to put all of them in one room – it might be difficult. It’s a mature decision on her part – but too bad for M. I suspect she will work out a few smaller sub-parties.

[M and friend posing after dance.]


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