Rock World Rocks

[Lake Superior after following Gooseberry river from Gooseberry Falls.]

Whirlwhind trip with the Rock World class. Lots of fun - and learning. The weather was great - and so were the kids. In the end it wasn't half bad sharing a room at the Comfort Inn with four 9 year old boys. The chaperones even got to have a night on the town (well 2 hours really) on Thursday evening.

[The Dude and colleagues at Agate Beach.]

We visited a number or rocky sites - and I came away with a better appreciation of the geology of the State and region. I was also very impressed at the level of knowledge the kids brought to the subject. These kids really knew their rocks.

[Jay Cooke State Park.]

My apologies for lack of detail - or cute vignettes about spending time with sqirrely 9 year olds. Perhaps I'm too tired to recount it all. I was away from the computer for 3 days - and I didn't miss it. It's hard to sit down to blog now. I often think that if I didn't have a job where I was paid to sit in front of a compter all day that I would never have taken up an interest in the internet - or blogs for that matter. I'd probably have been one of those old farts you have to call to remind them to check their email already!

[Dude and friends at Moose Lake Gravel Pit near Moose Lake State Park.]


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