Up a Tree

We packed a lot into this weekend – more than just climb trees – though that seems to be all I snapped pictures of. The Dude has discovered tree-climbing and is quite good at it – even in the flip-flops that he wore on Sunday.

Saturday we did a lot of yard stuff and various errands. M had a dance recital with two performances – one at 3:00 and the other at 7:00. She did a great job considering it’s her first year in dance. Despite being in plays and choirs, M had never done dance but felt it would be a good skill to add to her other stage skills. I think it helps a lot learning the various dance steps for the Music Man.

Sunday was M’s 12th birthday. She really wanted to go to brunch – at Baker’s Square. That would not have been my first choice – but it wasn’t my birthday. Instead of the regular breakfast fare I opted for a hamburger – or “Crush Burger” as they call it. Very good.

After brunch the “girls” headed off to Rosedale to havetwo more holes put in M’s ears. She had her ears pierced several years ago – but has wanted additional holes for a while now. We were able to hold her off until she turned 12.

Since it was a beautiful day, and the Dude and I did not want to go the mall, we walked home from Baker’s Square. It’s only about 1 mile but not the most pedestrian friendly walking environment. Luckily we found some good trees to climb behind Corpus Christi Church.

Upon arriving home we set off on a bike journey – down to the Raptor Center, then over to the St. Anthony neighborhood Dunn Brothers for refreshments, followed by a stop at a park to climb yet another tree, then home. Total time for trip = 2 hours. I slept well last night.

Tonight it’s back to the Music Man – Shipoopi dancing for the Dude and I, M has the night off. I promise to snap a picture or two of M’s new ears.


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