How Hot Is It?

You know it’s hot when the outdoor dining area is closed due to “inclement weather” – and it’s a clear and sunny day outside!

With another humid day in the mid 90s on tap, it’s truly summer in MN – with excessive heat warnings for much of the state.

Not looking forward to 3 hours of the Shipoopi Dance this evening, 6:30 – 9:30 in an un-air-conditioned school.

My only nag about the musical is that I wish I had been informed of the extent of dance skill/ability required of Shipoopi dancers. After all, I was picked only because they needed more adult males in the scene – I not cast for this scene at the initial try-outs. I feel I'm in over-my-head - and the thought of 3 hours in a non air-conditioned building tonight makes my stomach turn. I need to blow off some steam and I'd love to just start whining out loud at home – but if I did that the Dude would just follow my lead and go off the deep end.

Oh well – perhaps 3 days away from it all will help – or not. I am one of the chaperones on the Dude’s Summer Academy “Rock World” class field trip “up north”. We leave tomorrow morning at 7:15 a.m. and return Friday noon. We will be hitting several state parks and the Soudan Underground Mine. That’s two nights in a Comfort Inn – I will have 4 kids in my room. We arm wrestle for the cot.

It will be fun to get away – but you never know when can happen when you are chaperone – and we will be missing two nights of Music Man.

I’m exhausted. The Hobbled Wife assures me this is just the mid rehearsal-performance blues – when it seems like the cast and crew will never pull it together in time for opening night. I hope so.

[The Stars - Harold, Marian, Winthrop, adn Amaryllis - don't those costumes look hot?]


Mama Bear said…
Is the Dude a budding geologist?! The field trip sounds like a lot of fun! Only a geologist would probably say that.
John G. said…
Too early to say if he's a budding Geologist, though he ranked this class 1st out of many. He's very excited about it - and has spent a fair amount of time teaching me about rocks the past few days. In addition to the underground mine, we are stopping at Jay Cooke State Park, Gooseberry Falls - and a few other "rocky" places.

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