Five Plus Hours of Civic Fun

To my amazement, I am not tired, despite 5 hours at the Planning Commission last night. The big item on last nights’ agenda – over 2 hours of public hearing – involved the design of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) for an apartment building near Cleveland and County Road B. The developers call it “The Orchard”.

This was the third time the matter was before the Planning Commission for one thing or another. All that predates my tenure on the Commission, so it was all “new” to me – though I’d followed it in the local paper. I won’t go into all the gory details – you can download the entire file (34MB) if you like. (See item 6.d. on the agenda.)

The project was approved by the Planning Commission in March, but the City Council sent it back to the Planning Commission to review design changes implemented by the developers and architects.

The item passed on a 5 – 2 vote. I voted in favor. The Hobbled Wife was surprised with my Yes vote. Do you suppose these sorts of political disagreements happen with Michelle and Barack as well?


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