Change - Even 7 Year Olds Want It

The Dude and his classmates are riding the tide of Obamamania. Last night he asked me who I was going to vote for. Before I answered, he began offering his analysis of the Presidential race to date.

The Dude noted that Hillary was leading at first but now Obama was winning. I agreed that Obama has a lot of momentum behind him. The Dude can’t really figure out what anyone sees in Hillary, and parrots the Obama campaign themes when attacking her: “She followed George Bush into war,” etc.

Then he went on, “People must have supported her because she’s white,” he said. There you go – Hillary –potentially the first woman President of the U.S. –reduced to being just another white person, worthy of 7 year old liberal scorn.

Disclaimer: I’m very undecided. It’s just a hoot to have the Dude grilling me. It’s also fascinating – perhaps a sign of how far we’ve come – that the whole issue of Hillary’s gender is moot to him. He doesn’t quite grasp the fact that a woman is (for the first time) a real contender in the Presidential race. Perhaps he just expects to see women in power. The entire administration of his school are women. For as long as he remembers I’ve had woman bosses at work. Many women he knows have significant careers. The “first woman” argument is lost on him.


amy said…
There was an article in Mothering (last issue I believe) about how we should protect our kids from exposure to the political world at young ages. I didn't read the article, but would be happy to dig it up for you and pass it on. Probably a few sides to the topic---

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